Nevada Copper Corp. and its subsidiaries ( “Nevada Copper”) are committed to honest and ethical conduct in everything we do. Our core values are built on trust and respect for all. Our mission is to responsibly produce copper for a sustainable future. We understand that developing and maintaining good relationships with our supplier community is a fundamental part of creating sustainable value and opportunities for our shareholders, employees, community, and business partners.

We are committed to conducting business with our supplier community in a manner that aligns with our values and mission statement:

  • We  will conduct business in a manner that is fair and reasonable.
  • We will focus on safety, production, quality, and value for the organization using accountability and data to drive decision making.
  • We will drive innovation and creativity by fostering open, honest, and consistent communications in a fair and competitive marketplace.

Our suppliers must be able to:

  • Maintain ethical business conduct.
  • Support the needs of our operation in a safe, responsible, and cost-efficient manner.
  • Accept and comply with our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.
  • Meet our specifications and requirements including environmental, health, safety, and social responsibility.
  • Adhere to applicable laws, standards, and regulations.

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