Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

October 29, 2019

As you can see from the photos I’ve included below, construction at Pumpkin Hollow is at an advanced state indeed! Lots of solid progress since our last update, including definition drilling below ground. Of course, I can confirm yet again that we remain on track to enter production in Q4 of this year… in other words, this very quarter!

Process plant and ENVS looking west toward Yerington

East Main Shaft

  • Total Lateral development to date has now advanced 8,900 feet on both levels.
  • The 3000 central ramp has reached the 3000 level.
  • The 2850 and 2770 level stope development access headings continue to make good progress in preparation for future stope operations.
  • The 2850 to 2770 connecting ramp is advancing well
  • The second round of definition drilling has started and is progressing well.
  • Ventilation enhancements continue to be a focus until the East North ventilation shaft is established.
  • Intermediate maintenance shops have been established on both the 2850 and 2770 levels.
  • The paste borehole drilling is completed and the paste/cement reticulation line is installed.

Up next: Develop the 3000 level loading pocket access, continue driving the central ramp to access the 3000 level stopes, drive the 2850 level ramp to intersect the paste borehole and cement slick line and continue developing stope access from both he 2850 and 2770 levels.

East-North Vent Shaft

The EN Vent has advanced over 1350 feet from surface and is now within 300 feet of intersecting the Alimak raise. Advance rates have accelerated after successfully moving through some known poor ground area. The Alimak has completed the planned vertical work and is now finishing up the 3000 level station.

Up next: Continue sinking the shaft until we intersect the Alimak raise. The Alimak crew will begin slashing 100 feet of shaft in preparation to excavate the east north ventilation shaft loading pocket.

Surface Works

The surface infrastructure and processing equipment continues to advance to plan:

  • Grinding area is mechanically complete
  • Power has been introduced into grinding and flotation
  • Tailings radial stacker is completed
  • Coarse ore radial stacker is completed
  • Area 10 grizzly station has started
  • Concentrate and tailings thickeners completed
  • Filter press mechanical works have been completed and all plates loaded in the frames
  • Water and air Pipework completed
  • Paste borehole is completed

Up next: Continued, very strong progress for the process plant. The following upcoming work includes:

  • Regrind mill test loading with material
  • Sag and Ball mill loading with material
  • Pipework to be completed
  • Lights on in grinding and flotation areas
  • Filtration Electrical and Instrumentation to be completed
  • Complete roof sheeting and insulation on the Administration and mine change house.

Process plant, admin building and main headframe looking east

Ventilation upgrade on the 2850 level

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David Swisher, SVP of Operations

Teamwork. Innovation. Execution.