Club Teens Learn Career Skills

January 16, 2020

Since arriving in Yerington, Nevada Copper has been a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley (BGCMV) – the “Club”.  One of the most gratifying Club achievements has been the construction of a brand-new, state-of-the-art Teen Center with support from the William N. Pennington Foundation and local community, including Nevada Copper. It provides a safe environment that promotes daily attendance, and delivers targeted programs to achieve academic success, character development, good citizenship and healthy lifestyles. 

In December, Tim Dyhr of Nevada Copper, attended the graduation ceremony for a 12-week entrepreneurship program and was very impressed with the level of enthusiasm of these teens. The program had Club teens participate in an entrepreneurship class on how to succeed in life outside of the classroom, as well as how to perform and behave in any sort of job environment. The program was taught by Jeff Glass, Generation Company, who is a successful entrepreneur.

Tommy Crowder, BGCMV Teen Center Director, reports that “Mr. Glass was a regular face at the Teen Center for ten weeks where all our teenage members were required to participate. It didn’t take long before the teens took pride in the knowledge that Mr. Glass instilled in them. They learned how to manage a budget and how to present themselves in a job interview. Many teens came to the staff at the Club after a class wanting to test out new skills and get opinions on which direction they should take in life. A lot of our members were inspired to take a different outlook on life after high school.” 

Crowder went on to say “The effect on participants can truly change the course of their lives. Many of our teens have serious challenges and to see them set achievable goals for themselves really made an impact on me. They learned that in addition to traditional academic skills, their personal brand, character, determination, and social skills are critical for success.  The program helped spark high aspirations for our Club teens.” 

The mining industry in Nevada is actively seeking motivated and competent team members as it expands its workforce.  Programs like this are an important part of helping to meet those needs.
Nevada Copper is proud of its role in the community, particularly as an active supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley and looks forward to continuing its strong partnership as the company ramps up production at its Pumpkin Hollow Project.

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