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Nevada Copper has an underground mine (in production) and continues to advance planning and design on the open pit deposits at its Pumpkin Hollow Project near Yerington, Nevada. 

The company acquired property in 2006 has been exploring and developing the Project since.  In addition, it initiated environmental studies in 2007 and has been conducting those since then.  It began permitting the project in 2008 and has completed a number of permit renewals and modifications to address the development phases and its underground mine is now in production.

These permits include the full range of environmental aspects of the project including land, water, air and the permit requirements needed to protect the environment and reclaim and close mining facilities upon completion of mining.

The Project is on private lands in Nevada, the environmental and social assessment of the mining operation is accomplished through the land use authorizations, permitting and regulatory processes of the state, county and local governments. The impact analysis underlying it is derived from technical studies required for obtaining state and local permits.

One of the key community concerns associated with Pumpkin Hollow was how the City of Yerington would benefit from the Project.  The City desired a portion of property and net proceeds of mines taxes derived from the project. In order to do that, it needed to privatize the land, convey it to Nevada Copper and annex those lands into the City. Annexation also placed development of Pumpkin Hollow under the jurisdiction of the City, the stakeholders most affected (both beneficial and potential adverse impacts). At the same time Lyon County, Lyon County Schools and other county-level entities and the State of Nevada also receive a share of those taxes. Completion of the Yerington Land Conveyance by the U.S. Congress in 2014 enabled this to be implemented.

In order to implement the Yerington Land Conveyance, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was required to prepare an “environmental assessment” (EA) to analyze the environmental and social impacts of the conveyance. Although the BLM EA did not apply directly to the mining operation, it established a natural resources and biodiversity baseline for the Project area, and a picture of its potential social and economic impacts.

The Company has prepared an ‘Environmental and Community Assessment Summary’ to describe the environmental and community elements and requirements for the Project included in the state, county and City government permits and authorizations. It provides information on the studies that have been performed, and the permits and permit requirements placed on the project to protect the environment and address community desires and concerns.

Nevada Copper is also providing the 2015 Environmental Assessment prepared by the BLM.

The Environmental and Community Assessment Summary (Nevada Copper, 2019) and the Environmental Assessment for the Yerington Land Conveyance (BLM, 2015) are provided here on the website.

Environmental and Community Assessment Summary for the Pumpkin Hollow Project, January 2019

Environmental Assessment - Yerington Land Conveyance, July 2015

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