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January: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

January 7, 2019

January: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

We're entering the second week in January and we felt it would be a good time to share another construction update for our Pumpkin Hollow underground mine, including some fantastic photos. Once again, we remain on schedule to enter production in Q4 of this year.

Sunrise over the East Main Shaft at Pumpkin Hollow

East Main Shaft

We have now completed the 2770 level Shaft Station. As a reminder, this important station will house our material handling system, which will hoist ore out of the mine during production.

The station also handles waste from the lateral development on the 2850 level via the waste pass that we recently completed. Lateral development on the 2850 level is proceeding on schedule.

We have also lowered a 6-yard LHD to the 2850 station. This will accelerate each phase of lateral development.

Up next for the East Main Shaft - Installation of new utilities and a new ventilation system.

East-North Vent Shaft

In the East-North vent shaft, the pre-sink is now complete to 125 feet. We have also finished the main winch, Galloway and auxillary hoist buildings and have powered them up.. As you can see from the photos below, the headframe is being installed and the Galloway has been erected and lowered into the shaft.

Up next for the East-North Shaft - Finish installing the headframe and sheave wheels, rope up the main hoist and install the supporting backlegs to the headframe.

Week 33 Galloway
Week 34 Headframe
Lowering the LHD to the 2850
ENVS Galloway
ENVS Galloway going in shaft

Surface EPC

The processing facility earth works are now complete, as is the dry stack tailings excavation and the foundations for the warehouse. Most of the drainage and surface-water run off ditches and ponds are complete and we have relocated the 25KV power line. Engineering work has now begun on the permanent 120KV power line.

Up next for the surface EPC - Foundations for the processing plant, setting up processing plant forms, procurement of switch gear and power poles and conducting more foundation work for the surface.

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