US Copper Production Targeted for Q4, 2019

June: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

June 4, 2019

June: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

Here’s our June update! We are still on track to enter production in Q4 of this year and have included some new photos and a brief overview of progress

East Main Shaft

For the month of May, we have advanced an additional 800 feet of lateral development on the 2850 and 2770 levels and, importantly, have reached the bottom of the East North Ventilation shaft and are now in the process of setting up the Alimak infrastructure. As a reminder from our last update, the Alimak will then be used to drive vertically up to intersect the EN Vent shaft and prepare the ore loading pocket.

We have started three more mining fronts as follows:  central ramp system, upper coarse ore bin (COB) access and upper geotechnical test stope access.

From the 2770 level, we are advancing the COB lower excavations and advancing the lower access toward the geotechnical test stope.

In addition, the mine de-watering station we mentioned in our May 7 blog post is almost complete. 

Up next: Begin driving the Alimak development and continue advancing all other lateral development fronts.

(Developing the Alimak Nest)
(preventative maintenance on Jumbo drill)

East-North Vent Shaft

Progress on the EN Vent Shaft is continuing at a good pace and we are now more than 800 ft below surface.

Up next: Continue sinking the shaft until we intersect the Alimak from the 2850 level.

Surface Works

As you can see from the photos, the surface at Pumpkin Hollow continues to change rapidly. The Sag Mill is now being put together with both shells and heads installed.   

The structural steel is advancing rapidly with three stories established.  The tailings filter press and air compressor foundations are complete. The lining of the dry stack tailings cell one is complete.   The secondary tailings thickener tanks is being erected and the fresh water tank is nearly completed.

Up next: Continue with structural steel works and begin installing the Ball Mill shells and heads.  Additional work will continue on forming and foundations of the Sag Mill feed hopper and conveyor areas.

(Steel infrastructure being erected)

(Pre-assembled Sag Mill shells)

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David Swisher, SVP of Operations

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